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5 Stunning Health Benefits of Eating Dark Chocolate

5 Stunning Health Benefits of Eating Dark ChocolateI am not talking about the creamy full milk chocolate bar with peanut butter filling as you may guess.

I am talking about the type of chocolate that can easily be combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Cocoa butter and cocoa powder alone can be very beneficial in fact. It is the high amounts of processed sugar and bad fats that are added to most candy bars which negate all of the potential health benefits of the cocoa bean.

To experience any benefits, aim for a chocolate percentage of at least 70%. In comparison, the traditional full milk chocolates contain no more than 20-30%.

Also, don’t overindulge! Keep the amounts small. In small amounts you never have to miss a thing 🙂

So check out these 5 benefits that chocolate can enrich you with!

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