Healthy Low-Sugar Banana Muffin

Vegan and Healthy Low-Sugar Banana Muffin

Would you like to eat a muffin with no guilt whatsoever? Then try this healthy banana muffin! It is nutrient rich and full of flavor.

Why are they guilt-free? The amount of flour is considerably lowered by adding coconut flakes. No butter or oil is used in any way! And the amount of sweetener needed is very low compared to conventional baked goods, which often call for 150-250g of sugar! These muffins are naturally sweet due to the bananas used in the dough and the fruits added on top. If you choose to add dark chocolate drops that contain a lot of sugar, then the amount of sweetener may be minimized.

You can give this muffin your individual note and mix and match different ingredients. Not fond of coconut? Use almond meal or ground nuts instead. Choose any sweetener you like and try different kinds of fruits as a filling, maybe several at the same time?

To give these muffins a moist and refreshing feeling, add cherries, plums or pears. If you like it more dry then go all in and add more bananas. Feel like munching on a warming and spicy treat while enjoying a glass of red wine in winter time? Play around with cinnamon, cardamom and apples! Keep in mind to add dry spices to the dry ingredients in the beginning.

Healthy Low-Sugar Banana Muffin


  • 250g spelt flour
  • 120g coconut flakes
  • 50g dark chocolate drops (optional)
  • 1 tbsp. vanilla powder
  • sweetener of choice (ex: 50g coconut flower sugar OR 25g liquid sweetener + 10 drops stevia)
  • 1 p. baking powder
  • 2 medium bananas ( very ripe)
  • 250ml almond milk
  • 1 glass of morello cherries (or other filling of choice)


  1. Mix all dry ingredients.
  2. Blend the bananas and almond milk to a shake.
  3. Mix the shake with dry ingredients until combined (a few lumps of flour can remain, don’t over mix).
  4. Spread half of the base into the greased muffin forms, then add fruit of choice. (Greasing is necessary as there is no fat in the muffins. Don’t use muffin papers, they will stick and be hard to get off from)
  5. Spread the remaining base, add a second layer of fruit.
  6. Bake 20-30 min on 170 Degrees until toothpick comes out clean. Consume on the same day.

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